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Latest Updates

India Lowe

January 23rd 2017 6:32PM
India Lowe TFRRS Profile. ... India Lowe. TEAM: Duke; CLASS: SO-2; LEAGUES: DI, ACC, DI East. Top Performances College Best. Year, Sport ...

India's Submarine Choice

January 23rd 2017 6:14PM
As Donald Trump begins his Presidency, leaders in India face the question of whether to sign two long-delayed agreements to facilitate closer security ...

What the US can learn from India's move toward a cashless society

January 23rd 2017 2:52PM
With this, India will skip two generations of financial technologies and build something as monumental as China's Great Wall and America's interstate ...

Famed snake trackers from India latest weapon in Florida war on pythons

January 23rd 2017 1:48PM
What Judas snakes, snake-sniffing dogs and even hunters from around the globe have struggled to accomplish may finally be pulled off by a pair of ...

India accounts for leniency in fines

January 23rd 2017 1:35PM
The Competition Commission of India last week issued its first leniency decision in a bid-rigging cartel for electronic parts on India's railways, which.

Under Rajiv Gandhi, India was ready with H-Bomb to counter Pakistan's nukes

January 23rd 2017 12:49PM
NEW DELHI: India under Rajiv Gandhi made preparations in 1985 to test a hydrogen bomb in response to Pakistan's nuclear programmes, recently ...

Protests Over Bull Riding Turn Violent in India

January 23rd 2017 12:32PM
Protesters against the ban of jallikattu, a traditional bull-taming sport, tried to form a human chain as they faced the police in Chennai, India, on ...

Will Medtronic's Tiny Leadless Pacemaker Make a Big Impact in India?

January 23rd 2017 12:05PM
India has tremendous potential to have a huge customer base for this product because the country has a large aging population and an increasing ...

Wistron set to help produce Apple's 2017 iPhones in India - report

January 23rd 2017 11:22AM
Apple has indeed picked Wistron to be its first iPhone manufacturer in India, with plans to get the company working phones launching later this year, ...

'To succeed in India, you've got to forget what you do in Australia'

January 23rd 2017 11:21AM
We had lost five Test matches in a row, and that is unacceptable from my point of view, so we had to do something to turn that around. We had some ...

One Week in India

January 23rd 2017 11:15AM
Freshly home from about 11 days of travel, including a few days in London before one full week in India. The India portion of my trip was to visit my ...

Meghan Markle Spends a Week in India on Mission to Help Impoverished Girls

January 23rd 2017 10:36AM
E! News has learned the 35-year-old Suits star recently jetted off to India in honor of Wold Vision Canada, an organization that works to support and ...

For India's complaints department, visit Facebook Live

January 23rd 2017 10:14AM
Rarely has a soldier's lament about bad food received such attention. But Tej Bahadur Yadav, of India's Border Security Force, made national ...

India's first wind tender over subscribed despite offtake uncertainties: Bridge to India

January 23rd 2017 9:58AM
KOLKATA: India's first wind tender offered by Solar Energy Corporation of India was over subscribed despite offtake uncertainties feels Bridge to India, ...

Why a Ban on Bull Riding Sparked Huge Protests in India

January 23rd 2017 9:51AM
Protests are raging across the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu over the ban of Jallikattu, an annual bull-taming contest celebrated every January ...

Foxconn won't be primary iPhone assembler in India, says report, as Wistron slated for role

January 23rd 2017 8:42AM
As Apple gears up to begin manufacturing iPhones in India as part of a deal to open retail stores in the country, it's being reported that its main ...

India given hope for 2019 Asian Cup

January 23rd 2017 8:15AM
India was handed a chance to qualify for the 2019 Asian Cup on Monday, placed in a group containing Macau, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan at a draw ...

Inside Meghan Markle's Moving Charity Mission in India: 'All Women Deserve the Right to Human ...

January 23rd 2017 8:04AM
Continuing to champion women's rights. Meghan Markle has just completed an important mission to India with international charity World Vision, ...

Violence as Indian rage over bull-fighting ban spreads to Singapore

January 23rd 2017 7:22AM
Protestors hold placards demanding jallikattu, a traditional bull-taming sport banned by India's top court, be allowed to resume unhindered as ...

Kohli assesses India's series as the result of good balance

January 23rd 2017 6:18AM
SHOWING CHARACTER: There were a lot of positives for India from the ODI series against England, but the biggest the way the side performed under ...